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Ques 1 :- What is the name of the first page you encounter after logging into your web page?
Ques 2 :- what is Wordpress?
Ques 3 :- How can you get involved with WordPress?
Ques 4 :- What ways to use WordPress?
Ques 5 :- What case we cannot recommend WordPress to our client?
Ques 6 :- Which relational database does WordPress use?
Ques 7 :- What are the rules that you have to follow for WordPress plugin development?
Ques 8 :- What are the steps you can take if your WordPress file is hacked?
Ques 9 :- What is a WordPress taxonomy?
Ques 10 :- In WordPress, what is the user role with the highest privilege level?
Ques 11 :- What are rules to follow in WordPress plugin development?
Ques 12 :- What is Gravatar?
Ques 13 :- Types of post format available in Wordpress.
Ques 14 :- How many number of tables in wordpress database available?
Ques 15 :- How many free plug self hosted that work on wordpress only?
Ques 16 :- Is Multilingual sites are allowed in Wordpress?
Ques 17 :- What is name of configuration file in WordPress ?
Ques 18 :- What is a permalink?
Ques 19 :- How many templates can one theme contain?
Ques 20 :- In which programming language WordPress is written?